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Children's Book Series

Along with Shannon Johnstone, my colleague who is a photographer and professor of art at Meredith College in Raleigh, I published a children’s book last fall – The Adventures of Puddin and the Fruit Bat: The Perils of Puddin.


The Adventures of Puddin and the Fruit Bat: The Perils of Puddin is the first volume in a story that follows an unlikely kinship between three very different characters who live together; Puddin, a big, old, heavy dog with lots of shaggy fur; Rotten, a bossy cat; and Stella, a small, energetic puppy who is a newcomer to the household.

The powers of the universe have brought Puddin, Stella, and Rotten together, and together they find themselves in a variety of adventures. And, by the way, one of them has a secret superpower.


In “Book One, The Perils of Puddin”, readers are introduced to each character and then taken through Puddin’s emotional journey when his family introduces Stella, a new puppy, into his life.

As the story unfolds, Puddin takes drastic measures that nearly end in catastrophe. Ultimately, kindness (and Stella’s superpower) save the day.

On the surface, the book chronicles the lives and escapades of three pets. However, the message behind this story is finding one’s place in life while celebrating individuality, acceptance, patience, civic duty, and home.

New Books and Short Stories

Thanks to a generous support from the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County and the North Carolina Arts Council, a second Puddin and the Fruit Bat adventure is coming out this summer. The Adventures of Puddin and the Fruit Bat: Book Two – Puddin and the Puppies.


In addition, we’ve published two short stories:

Stella’s Scary Halloween

Breaking News: Puddin Meets the President


For more information, look for us at

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